When applying for a green card or an immigrant visa in the US, you do not necessary need an immigration lawyer. However, if you end up making a wrong move or not filling certain crucial paperwork, you could be deported or end up in jail. Such uncalled for complications can be avoided by hiring an immigration attorney who will help you complete all the necessary steps. An immigration lawyer will make the process fast, less stressful, and also suitable for your needs. There are numerous circumstances where you will need the help of a lawyer thus saving yourself from lots of frustrations and time. In this article, we look at some situations that will require you to hire an immigration lawyer.

Overwhelming Paperwork

The immigration application process involves completing some forms where you will be asked to complete detailed instructions. This process requires you gather information and will include other paperwork and fees.  If you make a mistake during the process, your application will be delayed, returned or rejected altogether. You may not get a second chance at this as you will be already in the system.

Immigration lawyers have experience with such type of paperwork as they have dealt with it many times and therefore know all of the pitfalls to look out for. They have streamlined systems and knowledge of preparing such applications smoothly. They use computer programs where they enter your details and spit out the forms promptly.


If by any chance you are not admissible in the US, then an immigration lawyer may be able to appeal the decision or find other avenues, therefore your immigration attorney will be invaluable to you. There many circumstances where the USCIS or the consulate will claim that you are inadmissible. Some of them include having previously lied to the US government or having committed a criminal offense. If such grounds apply to you, then an immigration lawyer will be a requirement – even before starting the application process.

Encountering Delays

Sometimes the USCIS or the consulate might fail to act on your application for any reason – based on bureaucracy rather than law. For instance, if you want to move from San Francisco to Los Angeles after completing the green card application, you might find that the application that should be transferred to Los Angeles USCIS office has disappeared into a bureaucratic black hole for months. Such delays are far too common at the USCIS service centers. While immigration lawyers might not have much power in such situations, they might have email inquiry lines on inside fax where they can ask about your case. It is only them that can make such inquiries even though sometimes they have problems getting answers to such inquiries.

Immigration Lawyers Can Provide Referrals

If you are not adept in the language or culture, an immigration attorney can offer referrals to several agencies that will help you as a newcomer overcome challenges associated with such.  They will guide you to learning centers where you will be taught language and history of the place. Often, such centers might avail practice citizenship tests that will help you pass the real test to become a citizen.

Immigration Court Proceedings

You should run to the lawyer if you have ever been in immigration court deportation proceedings. In the event, the proceedings are not yet complete, or under appeal, the entire situations lie in the power of the courts. You will not succeed using the same application procedure as for those not in any proceeding. In the case that the proceeding is over and determined, ask your immigration lawyer how the outcome influences the current application.

It is evident that rather than attempt the complexities of immigration laws, lawyers will save you a great deal. Immigration lawyers understand the multitudes of requirements and they are better placed in presenting the cases successfully before the relevant authorities.